Tribal Installment Loans Direct Lenders No Credit Check

Tribal Installment Loans Direct Lenders No Credit Check

Are you an American citizen, and you need a fast financial help? Tribal installment loans from direct lenders can be an excellent fit for you. However, I know that catering to emergency needs becomes a challenging task in most cases, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Several tribal installment loans direct lenders do not run a credit check. I know that most people have bad credit, and it’s always challenging to get short-term loans in a traditional bank. And that’s why tribal installment loan lenders have got your back.

However, before I take you to the best tribal installment loan direct lenders, I need to understand more about tribal loans.

What Are Tribal Installment Loans?

Tribal loans are commonly found in the USA and Indian-specific regions. Remember that not all states permit the operation of tribal loans.  All tribal loan lenders work directly with the clients, building a solid relationship between the two.

The good thing about tribal loans is that you can still qualify for a loan even if your credit score is poor.  All they need from you is to repay the cash once you borrow. Therefore, you must have a good source of income to help you with tribal installment loans.

A tribal installment loan is a loan that you get from an American native lender, and you will repay in small installments over an extended period.

What Are The Common Characteristics of Tribal Installment Loans?

  • The interest rates are usually high. Therefore, the tribal installment loan interest is not less than an APR of 400% in most cases. So, if you plan to take a tribal loan, you should have exhausted all other means of getting help.
  • They accept people with bad credit histories. Therefore, don’t worry about your credit score, and they don’t even do credit checks.
  • They only lend money to people within a specified geographic area.
  • Tribal installment loans are usually short-term in nature. For example, it’s rare to get a tribal loan term exceeding 12 months.
  • You can only get a limited amount of cash in tribal loans.
  • Most tribal loan lenders have requested states to exclude them from federal laws. Therefore, the government doesn’t regulate how they should operate. And that poses a possible threat to the borrower.

Eligibility criteria of tribal loans

  • You must have more than 18 years
  • Ensure that you are a US resident
  • The lenders need you to provide a valid residential address
  • You must also provide an active email address
  • To afford a tribal installment loan, you should have an active income source
  • The lenders will still need your checking account details to deposit the funds


Where do you get Tribal Installment Loans Direct Lenders

Blue Trust Loans

Blue Trust Loans is a tribal installment loan direct lender who you can trust. With this lender, you can access an installment loan starting from $100 to $2000.

Such a loan repayment term ranges from 6 months to one year. Once the lender approves your loan, the money will be available for use on the same day. In addition, this lender doesn’t run credit checks on the borrowers. However, the APR on this site can be as high as 841%.


MassatLoan is an American tribal installment loan lender who lends money to American citizens.

With MassatLoans, you can get a tribal installment loan f up to $5000. The good thing is that you can apply for a tribal loan here anytime since it’s an online application. In addition, the money is usually ready for use within  5 minutes, hence suitable for emergencies.

Arrowhead Advance

Arrowhead advance is another tribal installment loan direct lender who can help you get funding without credit checks. With this lender, you can get a loan starting from $100 to $1000.

The loan repayment term can go up to seven months. In addition, the APR can raise as much as 830%. However, the funding with this lender is a bit slow since it can be in the next business day.

Rise Credit Loans

Rise credit is another tribal installment loan direct lender that will help you get fast loans for emergencies. The maximum amount you can get on this site is $5000. In addition, the lender will need you to repay the loan in a maximum of 26 months.

Rise Credit doesn’t run credit checks on its borrowers. However, the APR starts from 299%, which is high.


If you need financial help, it’s a good idea to search for several means before settling for tribal installment loans. Loans with high-interest rates can drown your finances over time.

However, if you want to gain financial freedom, learn to save money now and avoid unnecessary borrowing.

Remember, you must develop the financial discipline to manage your finances appropriately